entropic advance was founded in 1998 by bios+a+ic and noise poet nobody in Seattle, Washington, u.s. and has been a constantly evolving collaborative of numerous innovative electronic and avant-guard sound artists. today's lineup includes bios+a+ic, circle six, and bahiya.

Lush, haunting trumpet/vocals, and warped violin and synth textures, blend seamlessly with heavily manipulated electronic beats, dark pulsating drones and glitches, and thick layers of delicious ear candy. The music is heavy euro-inspired electronics and ethereal noise improvisations, an artistic hybrid of clicks, thumps, rhythms, and tones, with space for improvisation, always lucid and fresh for their live listeners. Each cd release explores different territory incorporating elements of ambient, industrial, noise, acid jazz, minimalism, IDM, down-tempo, etc. and is a sonic documentation of the current live/ studio collaborations of that time and place.

Always seeking new venues and presentations, ea has played clubs, museums, galleries, warehouses, and outdoor festivals, and turns each performance into a unique event, which will often include video projections (bios+a+ic, lowREZ, The Now device, Spaceboat tv.), dancers (belly, fire, modern, butoh) and guest musicians/events (transistor festival, textures, Dronerama, Seattle Noise Festival, cd release parties). With 10+ full-length cd releases, entropic advance has influenced thousands of people and all members continue to produce solo and collaboratory works. It seems that this is only the first chapter of what has already proven to be a legendary group of amazing sound artists.

entropic players:

current lineup

    producer, engineer, art design
    processed trumpet, vocals, sample manipulations
    analog delay, guitar, field recordings
    co-founder of ea featured on all entropic advance cd releases

    "I embrace both the organic elements of sound, and the digital counterparts. For the music to be alive, it cannot be contained within preconceived ideas like notation, time, or genre."

circle six
    digital laptop beats
    synth & monome processing
    sample manipulations

    "circle six is a project to push sound to its breaking points. and then bring those points together into a system that seeks to hurt as much as it pleases."

    violin textures
    ambient / ethereal vocals
    glitchy noise

    "bahiya (aka jewl) is a sound and movement artist. she has worked with entropic advance since 2002 as a performance/dance artist, and now has shifted her focus as a core music collaborator in the latest ea lineup."

previous collaborators

Noise Poet Nobody
    digital beats, customized slide guitar, electric motors, broken modified filters
    co-founder of ea 1998
Jim Deal
    turntable, sax, d-beam, samples, beats and rhythms
    featured on c.a.v.e., new improved formula, red yellow noise, water for your eyes, live at S.A.M.
    sampled beats and drones
    featured on Mad Cow BBQ
Otis Fodder
    sampled beats, sounds, and voices
    featured on Mad Cow BBQ
Mutant Data Orchestra
    circuit bending
    featured on red yellow noise
John Schuller
    processed guitar
    featured on red yellow noise
Jonathan Brummett
    Mad Cow BBQ, live at S.A.M., Leaving Palestine

Klimit Mika
    module synth units
    water for your eyes

Vance Galloway
    c.a.v.e., new improved formula, water for your eyes, red yellow noise, monkey with a gun