bios+a+ic at Fenix Underground

experimental, electro-acoustic, ambient, noise

Dark esoteric sounds, by blending lush, ambient, trumpet lines, vocal chants, samples, guitar washes, field recordings, and warped beat loops, which create sonic works of art.

Musical influences-
experimental, noise, electronic, drone rock, jazz,
ambient sound design, world beat, IDM

Music projects-
Biaxial Creep (industrial/IDM) 2004-current
entropic advance (electro-glitch/ambient) 1998-current
Sil2k ensemble (eclectic games/improv) 2001-2005
Intoning Silence (improv w/Intonarumori) 2000-2002
Trepanning Drill (noise/drone improv) 2000-2001
Radio Saturn (dream pop alternative) 1996-1998
Puffin (electro-funk experiments) 1996-1997
Ritual (gothic/epic drone rock) 1993-1996
Silent Image (progressive syth rock) 1992-1993
Social Issue (alternative indie rock) 1989-1992