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bios+a+ic vs. biaxial creep

bios+a+ic vs. biaxial creep (symbolic insight) features bios+a+ic's lush processed trumpet & lead vocals combined with biaxial creep's amazing beat & synthesizer palettes. The album combines classic electronic influences such as Depeche Mode, Skinny Puppy, and New Order with more current influences such as Autechre, Gridlock, and Nine Inch Nails to create a groundwork for something modern and completely original. The production team of Wesley Davis and Swante Jauch has assembled a diverse, cohesive, and unique sonic release, which is an evolution of industrial, IDM, glitch, synth-pop, gothic, and ambient styles. From his studio based in Nederland, Colorado, Davis is responsible for the final polished sound of the album by reworking the original raw beat programming, synthesizer lines, and various samples and then adding his own unique flavors. Jauch created the original arrangements and sonic structuring, along with melodic cores and the majority of the rhythm programming at his Mothlight studios in Seattle, Washington. The last three tracks on the release were recorded and produced in Seattle before Davis relocated to Colorado and originally used as the duo's demo cd.

bios+a+ic (Wesley Davis) is a producer, engineer, and performer who soundtracks the modern world via construction and deconstruction of multi-layered digital and analog textures. He has recorded and produced dozens of experimental electronic albums since 1998 with the collaborative project, entropic advance. This is his seventh release as bios+a+ic. His sound has been compared to Rampoon, Jon Hassell, NIN, Aube, and Scanner. bios+a+ic also performs live and records as the ambient noise duo, usA (unbridled sonic Anarchy) with bahiya, and in the transglobal experimental IDM project, sonolumina, which recently released their debut album, SOLAR LOGOS (2011).

biaxial creep

Biaxial Creep blends together the sounds of jazz, IDM glitch work, industrial beats, and epic soundscapes fusing technological instrumentation with organic composition. Formed by Swante J of Seattle in 2003 and later joined by bios+a+ic (symbolic insight), Patrick Urn (Backwards Records NW) and VJ Low Rez, who mixes original video selections with a home-made fractal generator, matching sound to visuals. The project blends the musical aesthetics of Autechre, Meat Beat Manifesto, and Download, as a fitting soundtrack for Blade Runner, Sin City, or a Michael Mann sex scene.

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