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Upcoming events

Sun, Sept 24, 7 pm
symbolic insight presents
textures ambient showcase
with Cloudless Rain, Winter Twig, Winter
Mutiny Information Cafe
2 S Broadway, Denver
$5-10 donation, all ages
Facebook event


Sat, Sept 29, 9pm
bios+a+ic hosts Electronic Air radio, 9-11 pm, & Under the Floorboards, 11p-midnight KGNU Boulder: 88.5 FM/93.7 FM, Denver:1390 AM

September 2017

Greetings! This Sunday, symbolic insight presents textures ambient showcase with Cloudless Rain, Winter Twig, and Winter at the Mutiny. Our latest album release, NOISE EDITION, features sets recorded at textures in July by entropic advance, page 27, Yao Guai, and Sunk Cost. bios+a+ic is back in the KGNU studio hosting Electronic Air and Under the Floorboards on Saturday, September 30th. Sonolumina (bios+a+ic & bahiya) performed their only 2017 set at Elsewhence outdoor main stage last Saturday with Church Fire, Orbit Service, Never Kenezzard, Mondo Obscura, Acidbat, Terminals with bios+a+ic and more. It was an amazing event of music and culture in the Colorado mountains.


Featured Releases

NOISE EDITION by entropic advance, page 27, Yao Guai, Sunk Cost

This album was recorded on July 30, 2017 at Mutiny Information Cafe, Denver, CO for textures ambient showcase, NOISE EDITION 2.0. Four epic harsh noise tracks assault the ears with relentlessly pounding distortions and fuzzy drones. A powerful collection representing true noise muzik from veterans of the genre.


13th planet by Synth_Drone collective

13th planet is the second album from Synth_Drone collective and was recorded in September /November of 2016. It features synthesizer wizards, kuxaan-sum, bios+a+ic, Sean Patrick Faling, Mark Mosher and Chris Sessions, each with different source. Deep drones, space textures and plenty of morphing filters blend to create an epic soundtrack for exploration and discovery.


textures mutiny by Chromadrift, Acidbat, bios+a+ic, Cheyene Grow

This album was recorded at the 3 anniversary of textures ambient showcase at Mutiny Information Cafe. Four epic tracks of minimal drones, ambient synths, and lush soundscapes take the listener on an inner journey of new visions and sonic discovery. RIYL Boards of Canada, Eno/Hassell, Steve Roach. Watch the video by 75Ohms for bios+a+ic's track,


EARA by EARadiate

Recorded at Microtone studios, this album features Kris Nickeson on guitar, Joe Sorcic on drums, Wesley Davis on trumpet/synth, with Charlie Milo, Ryan Peru, & Paul Mimlitsch covering bass tones. Groovy experimental avant jazz meets ambient noise space,
RIYL 'on the corner' Miles Davis, Zappa jazz styles, Tortoise, or Jon Hassel.


Intifada by sonolumina

bios+a+ic and bahiya release their second album for sonolumina. Experimental tribal electronic rhythms mixed with numerous acoustic instruments and percussion including, violin, trumpet, flute, vocals, zils, singing bowls, dumbek, and shehnai. Industrial noise with thick synth bass drops root ethereal sounds and field recordings which capture the listener to experience the Intifada (uprising) of power for the people. RIYL Muslimgauze, Niyaz, Solace, Beats Antique, Dead can Dance

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